"I spent many years looking for my birth father and got no where, I found Crown Services on the net and contacted them. With their experienced team they did locate my father and i can say we were reunited. without Crown Services i would still be looking or given up

- Debbie Richards


Crown Services experienced team  has access to a wide variety of approved tracing tools and techniques when carrying out searches for Missing Persons, Debtors, Absconders and Beneficiaries: combining the latest technology with traditional methods has enabled us to achieve our high success rates, whilst at the same time being extremely cost effective and able to offer unrivalled levels of service. 


Crown Services fully abides by their rules and regulations, protecting our Clients' reputation, as well as using ethical methods and practices at all times when tracing / locating Debtors, Absconders and Beneficiaries.


Our highly trained team undertake the locating of missing individuals and we have the resources available, together with up to date systems to ensure a high success rate whilst maintaining discretion and confidentiality.


The majority of our trace requests concerns tracing Debtors who have absconded and have not left forwarding addresses.

Crown Services has an excellent reputation, completing in excess of 400 trace requests every month. We pride ourselves on our superb success rate by confirming the majority of traced addresses with a secondary source, thereby avoiding time consuming delays and minimising the problem of refunds, which can cause additional administration for both the Client and Crown Services.


Our fully trained team utilise the most up to date software available, as well as assessing credit activity of trace subjects in order to determine a new address.  All traced addresses of Debtors / Missing People will be provided with confirmation of address and any other information gathered. 


Many trace subjects have learnt how to withhold their address from their creditors. A field visit to make enquiries as to a trace subject’s residence at an address, or a potential new address can often lead to an enhanced success rate.  These enquiries can also be as a result of a negative trace, where the Client requests a visit to confirm whether or not the trace subject is still in residence.  


Our tracing service extends to trace and serve. Where legal documents issued by a court, Solicitor or other official body are required to be served on a person that has gone missing, our ‘trace and serve’ offering fulfils the requirements of both finding the Absconder and ensuring that the legal document(s) are delivered into the right hands.


In recent years it has become increasingly necessary for Clients to trace Beneficiaries. Financial Institutions, Solicitors, etc often need to locate the whereabouts of Claimants to a dormant bank account, unclaimed shares or a matured insurance policy. We have the skill and resources necessary to locate and contact such Claimants and our success rate in this area is extremely high.