High Court Enforcement


Our client portfolio ranges from Blue chip companies to Sole Traders to Private individuals. One of our recent successful collections was for a small business owner who was owed £14,600.57 after supplying building materials and not receiving payment. This left his business in a cash flow nightmare and non-payment meant he were struggling to pay his overheads.

After successfully obtaining a CCJ against the defendant, he instructed Crown Services and paid the £66 court fee enabling us to transfer the Judgment to a High Court Writ for recovery by one our expert High Court Enforcement Partner Agents. Upon Enforcement we were able to collect the outstanding balance in full, recovering what the small business owner was rightfully owed. The whole process from the minute he contacted us to securing his money took a matter of weeks.

Are you owed money? If you have a CCJ over £600 or any other debt contact us for a free consultation.

Face To Face Debt Collection

Person to person contact significantly increases collection rates

Unlike many of our competitors Crown Services have invested in our people and not automated dialling systems as experience has taught us emails, telephone calls, text messages and letters are a lot easier to ignore than our people.

Our Approach

On instruction a full financial profile including real time trace, address verification, financial, asset and credit score is completed, this information is a key factor when we speak to or meet the debtor. Initially contact is made by letter and telephone to open up lines of communication and tactfully negotiate settlement, if these are ignored field agents can visit the debtor’s business premises.



Our internal and field-based teams are chosen for their negotiation skills and diligence, protecting your reputation and ours whilst still achieving outstanding collection success rates. Our in-house legal team can provide specialist advice and solutions should litigation or any other court action be required.


Crown Services  debt recovery services agents are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) & Information Commissioners Office (ICO data protection) members of the consumer credit association (CSA) and hold ISO 9001 accreditation.

Residential Possession.


Crown Services enforces orders for possession issued throughout England and Wales.

An order for possession will be obtained by a landowner or landlord when they wish to remove the occupants from their property or land. This may be due to reasons such as non-payment of rent or occupation without permission.

Regardless whether the order you have obtained relates to the eviction of named tenants or the eviction of squatters, we can help you regain possession of your property or land.


What You Need

Once you obtain a Possession Order you will want a solution that will enable you to minimise any further loss of rent and/or further potentially expensive repair costs.  Typically, a Possession Order can take 8 to 12 weeks to be executed by county court. You may want a much swifter resolution to your problem.


Before we are able to proceed with our application, there must first be permission from the issuing County Court for the case to be transferred to the High Court for Enforcement under Section 42 of the County Courts Act 1984. This is best requested at the initial application for the Order for Possession.  If however, you have an existing Order for Possession, you can make this request using the form N244.  Please contact us for further information.

Once this permission is in place, we will complete the necessary additional applications to enable the High Court Writ of Possession to be sealed.  Once this has happened, we will schedule in our Agents’ attendance to take back possession of your property (within seven days).