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The ability to review an existing licence is an important part of the Licensing Act so that any licensed premises operating in a manner that does not promote the licensing objectives, for example, noise from live music constantly escaping from premises late at night and causing disturbance to local residents – not promoting the 'prevention of public nuisance' objective - can be brought to the attention of the Licensing Authority.

The only parties able to call a review are 'responsible authorities' , i.e. the Police, Fire Authority, Noise and Nuisance Team etc. and 'other persons'

The Licensing Act 2003 defines 'other persons' as:

    ‘.....any individual, body or business entitled to make representations to licensing authorities in relation to applications for the grant, variation, minor variation or review of premises licences and club premises certificates, regardless of their geographical proximity to the premises’

However, any application to have a premises licence reviewed must clearly show how the operation of the individual premises has not promoted, or has worked against, one or more of the Licensing Objectives.

    The prevention of crime and disorder
    Public safety
    The prevention of public nuisance
    The protection of children from harm

Once an application for a premises licence to be reviewed has been made, the Licensing Authority must advertise the application by placing a notice, of size A4 or larger, on, at or near the premises subject to the application.

Residents and the 'responsible authorities' may also make representations relating to the premises subject of a review within 28 consecutive days of the original application being made.

The review application will trigger a hearing before the Licensing Committee.

Any person or body making the initial application for the review of a premises licence must serve notice of the application on the Licensing Authority, the holder of the premises licence and each of the Responsible Authorities.