Crown Services has been established to provide a Solicitor Support Service backed up with Investigative and Bailiff Services to Corporate and Private clients.


We are now regarded as one of  the leading Solicitor Support Services around. The company was formed by a former Military Police Special Investigation Branch Sergeant  obtaining a LLB(Hons) and is a member of the International Bar Association (Pro Bono).


With over 20 years experience and building an established network of investigators, detectives, bailiffs, solicitors, barristers and researchers throughout the world enabling us to successfully handle matters on a global scale. We can provide you with a range of professional services including tracing individuals, surveillance, background enquiries and process serving plus many other services.


Our staff are well versed in civil and criminal law and always undertake enquiries in a discreet and efficient manner using professional methods. The performance and methodology of our staff is under constant review to ensure that our enquiries are conducted in the most thorough and cost-effective manner.


Crown Services can provide a wide range of services to private and commercial clients including partner investigations, and surveillance services with photographic evidence, private intelligence on a person’s activities and communications and hidden assets. We investigate insurance claims, work and employee issues, bugging, and background investigations. We also provide evidence for criminal defence and appeals.


We are able carry out investigations to uncover hidden assets both within the UK and overseas, financial information, fraud and internet scams, counterfeiting and bogus companies and money laundering.


Our forensic investigation services including dna investigations and matching, body fluid and semen testing, fingerprinting and fingerprint matching, handwriting and signature matching, and computer forensics. We have undercover operatives providing intelligence and surveillance services, and overseas personnel able to investigate most situations worldwide.


In addition we have specialist tracing personnel able to trace and locate missing persons, friends and family, and birth parents. Our counter intelligence services include bug sweeping for commercial, private and corporate clients, together with risk analysis and protection.


Services provided are professional, discreet and effective. The head office of Crown Services is based in central London, and manages our services within the UK and worldwide. Crown Services are  highly experienced who operate with a vast array of information resources at their fingertips, allowing us to conduct our enquiries discreetly, efficiently and legally, achieving reliable and accurate results where others have failed.


We are able to offer our services 24 hours a day 7 days a week and feel that it is important that you are able to speak with us in person whenever you call and not resort to leaving messages on answer phones.